How Do I Become a Wound Care Nurse?

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A wound care nurse has a greater understanding of dressing and treating wounds than a regular nurse. To become a wound care nurse, look for an accredited program which offers this certification. It is also possible to find courses that involve work experience in lieu of study. Apply for the certification program, pay the requisite fee, and remember that all certifications only last for a few years before they have to be earned once again. After becoming certified, look for a specialty subject and employment that involves educating people about wound treatment.

The field of nursing contains numerous specialties, and you can specifically train to become a wound care nurse. A nurse with wound care training knows the correct procedure for dressing wounds and can identify various infections. A wound care nurse can also educate patients about dressing wounds at home.

To become a wound care nurse, you should have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). You can then look for accredited programs that offer wound care certification. There are a number of options in each country. In the United States, for example, the National Alliance of Wound Care is one of the better choices. Look for online nursing programs that provide additional education.


There are also organizations that offer wound care nurses certification without additional study. The qualification in these instances is gained through work experience. Certain organizations allow nurses to apply for the wound care certification exam after obtaining a certain amount of work experience instead of extra classes.

You will have to pay fees when applying for an course to become a wound care nurse. You should also note that these certifications are not permanent. As a general rule, all nurses must retake the certification test after a certain number of years have passed.

Once the certification is complete, a wound care nurse should decide upon a specialty. Although it is possible to find a specialty that does not require additional study, nurses who have additional training are more likely to find employment. The extra study could also put a nurse in line for a position that involves educating patients and their families about how to manage wounds.



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