How Do I Become a Website Copywriter?

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If you want to become a website copywriter, you should develop your writing skills while also learning to create original and effective website content. You might consider taking classes in writing or even gaining a degree in language arts or computer science, depending on where your strengths lie and the type of website copywriting you are most interested in doing. Once you have the educational background you need, you can typically become a website copywriter by developing your skills, finding potential clients, and building relationships with others to demonstrate your skills and abilities.

A website copywriter is someone who produces original written content for websites, either through designing sites or by contributing to an existing site. To become a website copywriter, you should typically begin by developing your abilities as a writer and learn specific techniques and methods used for creating online content, such as search engine optimization (SEO) writing. You can take individual classes in writing or attend writing workshops to sharpen and refine your skills, as many basic writing skills can be applied to website copywriting. Depending on your interests and abilities, you may also want to consider receiving a degree from a college or university in a subject like language arts or computer science.


While education can certainly help you become a website copywriter, you should also consider ways to gain more practical experience and practice your abilities. This means you should look for opportunities to perform some website copywriting, usually through freelance work. Such work can help you gain experience that you can use to demonstrate your abilities as a copywriter and help you develop contacts to gain future work. If you have a background in website design as well as writing, then you may be able to find work as a website copywriter while creating webpages for individuals and companies.

You should also look for opportunities to become a website copywriter at larger companies or businesses in need of ongoing content creation. Companies with a major online presence may need people to generate original content on a daily or weekly basis. This can include original content for the creation of websites, as well as contributions to existing sites through blogs, articles, and other forms of copywriting. While some of these positions may be contractual, you can also look for chances to become a website copywriter through longer, ongoing freelance work that is not contractual but still provides you with numerous opportunities for work.



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