How Do I Become a Webmistress?

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To become a webmistress, you will need to obtain training in various types of web development skills, software, and languages. Depending on your professional goals, you may also need training in different aspects of website administration, management, and even traffic building and marketing strategies. In many cases, a webmistress may obtain one or more professional certifications in addition to or in place of earning an academic degree. Unless you begin working at a very small company or operating as a freelancer, in most cases you will need some experience working in web development before you can become a webmistress and assume responsibility for an organization or individual's entire web presence.

While technology and computers are often regarded as a stereotypically male field, female webmasters are quite common. A web mistress typically enters the field after developing an interest in computers and the Internet and then pursuing training either in a formal or informal context. In some cases, a woman may become a webmistress unintentionally after she assumes responsibility for an organization's website. If you are working for a company or volunteering for an organization, you may have the opportunity to work on its website and to learn something about working as a webmaster in the process. On the other hand, you may decide to receive training through an academic program.


Many vocational schools, community colleges, and standard universities offer training in computers and web development. By enrolling in one of these programs, you can receive formal training plus an academic credential that can help you to become a webmistress. It is also a good idea to get some hands-on experience while in school by taking on a part-time job or internship while you are enrolled in classes. If that isn't possible, you can also develop websites on your own for yourself, perhaps one that is focused on a hobby or interest, or a website for a friend. You can add each website you develop to your professional portfolio, which can be very useful in eventually obtaining a job.

If going back to college is not an option for you, you might also become a web mistress by taking continuing education courses. In some cases, you can complete these courses and then take an exam that will allow you to receive a professional certification. Some employers may be willing to accept certification in place of formal academic training and may hire you to become a webmistress for their organization. Still, you may find that you need several years of experience working with Internet software and technology before larger companies will consider hiring you as webmistress.



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