How Do I Become a Web Design Tutor?

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You can become a web design tutor by first gaining a solid background in web page coding and the use of common design software. If you are enrolled in a college degree program and do not have previous experience as an academic tutor, many schools offer tutor training sessions to those interested in coaching other students. Some online tutoring companies also offer self-paced courses in basic teaching methods and communication skills for effective tutoring. Once you have completed one of these courses, you may need to pass an online certification exam to qualify for some paid private tutor jobs. As with any type of one-on-one teaching job, good interpersonal skills will often help significantly in your goal to become a web design tutor.

Prior to providing study help to others, you need to ensure your own design skills are up to date. The most common web programming languages are periodically given code updates. Before you become a web design tutor, a thorough review of your hand-coding skills is usually a good idea. You should be able to create quick pages in hypertext markup language (HTML) and explain the meaning behind each specific tag. Good web design tutors can also proofread their students' HTML coding for errors and point out needed corrections.


In addition to proficiency in HTML coding, you should also have a good working knowledge of creating cascading style sheets (CSS) for easy web page customization. The ability to use JavaScript® can also help you become a web design tutor because many students encounter difficulty with this interactive web programming language. Another essential web design skill is the ability to produce clear and concise written copy, so you should be able to provide constructive feedback in this area. Some students seeking a personal tutor are struggling to learn an industry-standard web design software program, so your knowledge of this software use is also a plus.

You will usually need to submit an application to become a web design tutor. The more web programming proficiencies you are able to list, the better your chances of being matched with students in need of an academic tutor. Some tutoring companies may also ask for samples of web pages you have created. Many experienced personal tutors advise that clean design and correct coding are the most important parts of these samples. If you are applying to become an online tutor, you may also need to have prior experience in video conferencing or working with programs that allow you to see your students' coding work in real time.



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