How Do I Become a Web Architect?

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Web architects are web designers who most often work in online retail and e-commerce scenarios. These professionals might assist in the design of websites and web applications and might also communicate with marketing professionals, clients, and sales executives to create solutions that allow companies to increase their profitability by making it easier for consumers to purchase products and services online. Web architects also can specialize in creating internal systems that are used by professionals inside of an organization who need to share information, such as sales figures and marketing strategies. To become a web architect, it almost always is essential to have an undergraduate degree in a field such as computer science to prove that you have a deep understanding of programming languages and operating systems. A person who wants to become a web architect also should have many years of experience designing and launching successful websites, particularly those from which companies are able to sell goods and services.


A person who wants to become a web architect should plan on earning an undergraduate degree in a related field and should sometimes earn a graduate degree. In the world of computer science, however, there are many people who are self-taught and may even have experience as professional web designers. If you are one of these people, it is possible to become a web architect, though it is important to remember that web architects often are proficient in business communication, meaning that they speak and write clearly and concisely and are able to communicate complex ideas in regular language. Some formal training can help you to improve these skills and also can show employers that you are able to work within groups and follow instructions.

To become a web architect, it is important to get as much experience as possible designing websites. Many people who aspire to become web architects might even do jobs for low pay or even voluntarily for friends and owners of small start-up businesses. It is a good idea to take these jobs while studying toward a degree, since this experience can help you to land a better job after graduation. People whom you help early in your career also can become important job references.

An individual who wants to become a web architect should plan on working for years as a web designer prior to taking this relatively high profile role. It is a good idea to get as much experience as possible working on internal web design as well as on user interfaces. Many web architects specialize in performing this kind of work for specific industries.



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