How Do I Become a Warranty Administrator?

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Warranty administrators are professionals who process customers’ claims that allow them to have purchased products replaced or repaired by manufacturers when problems arise with these goods. These individuals need to be extremely organized and have strong communication skills. A person who desires to become a warranty administrator can complete two years of post-secondary education, during which he or she takes business, customer service, and computer courses. He or she should also complete an internship to gain practical field experience.

If you would like to become a warranty administrator, you should consider completing a two-year associate degree program in an area such as customer service. Although not all employers require individuals who have completed college courses, earning a degree makes you more attractive to companies. Enrollment in this type of program involves submitting your high school diploma or the equivalent certification along with your latest standardized test scores. The institution of your choice also will ask to see your high school transcript as well as a completed admission application.

Business courses give you the foundational skills that you need to succeed in this career area. For instance, you learn about sales, business development, and marketing. Mastering these skills is important if you wish to become a warranty administrator because this type of professional is responsible for communicating with sales and service teams at a company regarding the coverage that a customer’s warranty provides. He or she essentially strives to help the organization to be profitable.

Customer service and computer classes additionally prepare you for a job in this field. You must learn how to use proper phone etiquette when communicating with clients and vendors, people with whom you must interact regularly when you become a warranty administrator. Classes also cover how to use computer programs, as you must complete tasks such as tracking the status of warranty claims and using a database to enter information and monitor work orders in this role.

Even if your college program does not require that you complete an internship, acquiring hands-on experience will get you ready for positions in this industry. You can look for on-the-job training opportunities at sites such as those of car dealerships or heavy-equipment manufacturers. As an intern, you need to master how to negotiate with customers regarding warranties as well as how to complete audits to ensure that work covered by warranties is completed according to organizational standards. If you perform well during an internship, your supervisor might be willing to hire you full-time as you seek to become a warranty administrator.



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