How do I Become a Voice-Over Actor?

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To become a voice-over actor, you might want to begin by looking into schools in your area that offer programs in voice acting. Some schools with a program in performance arts will offer classes specifically targeted at helping you gain the skills you need to become a voice-over actor. You will also want to make a demo tape that you can send to potential employers or talent agents to illustrate your abilities and demonstrate your voice-over talents. Then find local opportunities for you to get experience with voice-over work, or find an agent to represent you to larger businesses that will help you continue in your career.

While not every university and technical college will offer programs that include classes to help you become a voice-over actor, many colleges and schools do have them. Typically part of the performing arts college or school, you may find that many traditional acting techniques are beneficial for your vocal performances, although there are certain skills and techniques that a voice-over actor would want to learn about that other types of actors may not need. When looking for a voice-over program, you should look for classes specifically aimed at training vocal techniques, helping you to control the pitch and range of your voice. You may also want classes that will give you actual time in a recording studio and sound booth so you have exposure to what you will be doing in the industry.


Many schools that offer programs to help you become a voice-over actor will also help you in recording a demo tape to show off what you can do. You should look through the course catalog for the schools you are considering, and look for classes that will give you time to make a demo tape. Just like a résumé and a job interview, your demo tape is how you introduce yourself to prospective employers and can be a vital component of finding a place for yourself within the voice-over industry.

Once you have the education and skills you need, as well as a demo tape to represent yourself, you should get out there and actually start working in the business. You might look for small businesses in your area that need voice-over work for radio commercials or Internet advertisements. This minor exposure can be a great place to start and help you add professional experience to your résumé and demo tape. If you are looking to become a voice-over actor working in film, television, or video games, then you should also look into finding an agent to represent you to large businesses and help you get into the industry. Similarly, you might start going to conventions and conferences for video games and animation to begin networking and building relationships within the industry.



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