How Do I Become a Uranium Miner?

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The process of mining for uranium is often not much different from the process of extracting other minerals, though high concentrations of uranium can be very toxic to humans, so special extraction techniques may be used. If you want to become a uranium miner, you should first complete a high school education, paying close attention to math and science courses. Some jobs in uranium mining will require a professional certificate or college degree, but you may be able to become a uranium miner with just a high school education. Safety training and on the job process training will be required for all job candidates.

Uranium mines are only located in certain regions throughout the world, so if you do not live near a uranium mine, you will need to travel to one or find a different type of mining to pursue. Mining companies will usually hire several miners at once, and you will become a uranium miner after you have undergone the proper training for safety and machine use. Safety training in a uranium mine is exceptionally important because uranium can be extremely toxic; your safety training will often focus on what to do in emergency situations after you become a uranium miner, as well as how to monitor radioactivity levels to ensure you are not being overexposed.


You may need to earn certain licenses or certificates before you can become a uranium miner. This may be part of your job training that can be done after you get hired with a mining company. It is a good idea to earn these licenses as soon as possible; you can increase your chances of getting hired for a job as a miner if you earn other credentials as well, such as a commercial driver's license or an explosives expert license. Try to make yourself as valuable of a job candidate as possible so you will be able to move up quickly through the company.

Be prepared for the type of mining done by a particular company. Much of uranium mining is done at open pit mines, which means you may not spend a lot of time underground. It is still a wise decision to get confined space training, as there may be instances in which it will be necessary to operate in mine shafts or other enclosed spaces. Take part in job training that will prepare you to operate heavy machinery and delivery trucks as well.



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