How do I Become a TV Hostess?

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Often, a person who wants to become a TV hostess seeks a bachelor’s degree in preparation for this career. While there’s no ironclad path a person can follow and expect to be guaranteed a job, an individual interested in this field can boost her chances of securing a job by completing internships with a major television network. Additionally, interning with a cable network or hosting on a public access channel may help. Likewise, gaining exposure in the entertainment industry, such as by hosting events at a comedy club or nightclub, may help a budding TV hostess to make valuable contacts.

While there are some people who become TV hostesses with without going to college, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a related field may help. In fact, a person may have a difficult time competing for a TV hostess position at a major network without a degree in a related field. Many people interested in this field choose to pursue degrees in broadcast journalism. Others may work toward degrees in communications or related majors. No matter which major the aspiring hostess chooses, taking classes in television broadcasting, public speaking, and mass communications may provide good preparation.


Besides education, internships may help pave the way for a person who wants to become a TV hostess. In many cases, television networks hire new hostesses from among those who already work with them. As such, an intern may have an advantage over other job candidates. Regardless of whether an internship leads to a job with the same network, an intern can gain valuable experience in such a position and may also make career-boosting contacts. Often, these internships are unpaid, but a person who wants to become a TV hostess may chalk the lack of pay up to paying her dues.

To gain exposure and related experience, a person who wants to become a TV hostess may spend some time hosting events in comedy clubs and similar entertainment revenues. Not only will this provide the budding hostess with experience in appealing to a crowd and developing good stage presence, but it may also help her to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

After completing a degree and gaining at least some experience, a person who wants to become a TV hostess may seek an entry-level job with a television network. These jobs are typically far from the spotlight an aspiring hostess craves, but they do provide a way for her to get a foot in the door. In fact, many TV personalities start with lower-paying jobs behind the scenes and work their way up to the spotlight.



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@browncoat - At the moment, I think one of the best ways to get noticed for this kind of job is to try and work your way up through internet video. There are plenty of different companies that are using the equivalent of a TV hostess to do things like explain how to perform a task or use a particular product.

You might want to see if you can do some of this work, even if it's for free in order to get some experience on your resume. Try looking in the local art listings, as they often advertise independent productions. Try to make friends with up and coming directors and behind the scenes people. You might even want to try getting an agent.

It's tough to make it in this kind of job, but if you are persistent and polite to everyone you meet on the way, you will get there eventually.

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This is the kind of job that's so sought after that you really have to pull out all of the stops in order to get into it. Just go after every opportunity you can that will get you even a half inch into the door. And remember to smile, smile, smile the whole time. You want to make contacts and get people to remember your warm personality. Don't be pushy, but don't be a wallflower either.

Remember that lots of women dream of this job, but I'll bet not very many of them are willing to do what it takes to get it. So, by putting yourself out there every day and making sure you know the right people, you're getting an advantage over the rest of them.

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