How Do I Become a Triage Nurse?

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To become a triage nurse, you typically need to first become a licensed registered nurse (RN), though you may need a higher level of education as well. You should consider receiving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. It is also typically required that you are certified to practice as a nurse in your region or country. A triage nurse typically has secondary training and experience in triage responsibilities, and nursing organizations in your region or country may offer courses to help you gain the knowledge you need to become a triage nurse.

If you want to become a triage nurse, you should first receive the education necessary to become a nurse and then look for ways to gain triage training or experience. A triage nurse is a nurse who works in a hospital and is typically stationed in the reception area of an emergency room or hospital. This nurse quickly evaluates the needs of incoming patients and assigns priority to those patients, giving precedence to those in the greatest need of medical attention. The training necessary to become a triage nurse typically begins with education to become a nurse.


To become a triage nurse, you should first attend a qualified college or university to receive a degree in nursing and become an RN. This usually requires two years of education, culminating in an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, which then qualifies you for licensing examination in your area. You should ensure the college or university you attend is accepted in your region or country to qualify you for any licensing required. It is also possible to become a triage nurse after receiving a BSN degree, which can provide you with greater employment opportunities, though this often takes about twice as long as an associate’s degree.

Once you have received your degree and certification, then you can begin working to become a triage nurse. You should look for certification programs to give you education and experience in triage and emergency nursing. Such programs are frequently offered by professional organizations such as the Emergency Nurses Association® (ENA). Once you are qualified as a triage nurse, then you can look for employment opportunities at hospitals to become a triage nurse. This may be easier to find at a hospital at which you are already employed.



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