How Do I Become a Travel Clerk?

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The travel industry can be a complex one, and travelers often look to travel clerks to make more sense of the process. Clerks are responsible for booking client trips, making changes to an itinerary, interacting with customers directly, interacting with travel industry companies such as airlines or bus companies as well as hotels, and addressing any other travel-related issues a traveler may have. There are several ways to become a travel clerk: one way is to apply for an entry-level position with a travel agency and learn by participating in on the job training. Another way to become a travel clerk is to take part in an educational program.

Some agencies or entities will require you to have an advanced degree, such as an associate's degree or bachelor's degree, in one of many different subject areas. Tourism and hospitality majors are perhaps the most appropriate, as you will learn the skills necessary to become a travel clerk during the program and expand your knowledge of the industry. Obtaining such a degree can also improve your career options should you choose to pursue a career other than that of a travel clerk later on.


It is certainly possible to become a travel clerk without a college degree, though you will need to graduate from high school and become certified by a governing body. You will also need to develop computer skills, as much of the daily tasks you will perform after you become a travel clerk will be computer-based. The programs can be somewhat complex, so taking a course in basic computer skills is advised if you have little or no experience. Basic math skills will be necessary as well, and strong communications skills are very important, as you will spend a significant amount of time communicating with customers as well as various vendors.

On the job training is often sufficient to teach you the skills necessary to become a travel clerk, and many travel companies have created structured training programs that will allow you to be hired with little or no experience. You will then take part in the training program, which may include an apprenticeship during which you will work under the guidance and supervision of a more experienced travel clerk. The training can last anywhere from a few months to a year or more, depending on the complexity of the job and your prior experience and education level.



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