How Do I Become a Title Searcher?

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A title searcher is someone who makes sure property has a clear title before it is sold. If you would like to become a title searcher, it can be helpful to have some experience in real estate first. Training courses may also be helpful. You should also know where records are kept at your local courthouse, as you will need to access these in order to perform title searches. It can be a good idea to visit the courthouse, and look through various files so you will be familiar with different real estate records.

Reading plat maps and deciphering legal descriptions can be an overwhelming task if you have never done so before. It can be helpful to take title searcher training to help you with this. Many local colleges offer these courses, but if there are none held in your area you can also work alongside an experienced title searcher who can help you learn the technical aspects of this position.

When you have learned the basics, it can be a good idea to practice what you have learned. You may want to go to the courthouse and perform a title search on your own property so you can apply your title searcher training. This will give you an idea of whether you are ready to become a title searcher on your own or if you need more experience before doing so.

After you become a title searcher, you may be able to perform some of your work from home. It can be a good idea to know if any real property records can be accessed online and what the process for doing so is. Some jurisdictions do not charge a fee for this service, but others may require you to subscribe to a service in order to access records via the Internet. If this is the case, you may want to find out what this fee is so you can decide if it is more cost-effective to visit the courthouse in person.

There are many opportunities to become a title searcher, and some of these include working for real estate attorneys, title insurance companies, and lending institutions to name a few. You may want to visit some of these businesses and let them know you are interested in performing title searches; you may also want to leave a business card so they can contact you when work becomes available. Once you have established a reputation for doing quality work, you can be on your way to a full-time career as a title searcher no matter what area you live in.



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