How Do I Become a Therapeutic Radiographer?

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A therapeutic radiographer uses radiation treatments to help patients who have cancer and other types of disorders. You will most likely need a high school diploma and a college degree to become a therapeutic radiographer. In most cases, you will have to earn a certificate or an associate's or bachelor's degree to pursue this career as a technologist or technician. If you want to provide this type of treatment as a doctor, however, you will need a medical degree instead. Additionally, you will typically need good communication skills and an analytical mind to work in this field, and your jurisdiction may have licensing requirements as well.

You will need higher education to become a therapeutic radiographer, but the amount of education you need depends on the title you seek in this field. Often, those with titles that include the word "technician" or "technologist" need to earn certificates or associate's or bachelor's degrees to qualify for this position. The degree you need will likely depend on the jurisdiction and on the employer who hires you, but many people are successful with finding jobs after earning associate's degrees, which usually require about two years of study. With these credentials, you can work in therapeutic radiology under the supervision of a doctor of radiology.


When you want to become a therapeutic radiographer, you can also consider entering this field as a radiologist. This usually requires more extensive education, however. To pursue this career, you will usually have to finish high school, attend college, graduate from medical school, and complete a radiology residency. You could also seek sub-specialty training in therapeutic radiology or radiation oncology. All of this education and training can take 12 or more years, not including high school.

Most jurisdictions also set licensing requirements for individuals who want to work in radiology. Depending on the laws in your jurisdiction, you may have to prove your education and then pass an exam to obtain a license to work in this field. If you will enter the field of therapeutic radiology as a doctor, you can choose to seek board certification as well. This will usually require you to meet training requirements and pass an additional examination.

Your skills will also matter a great deal when you want to become a therapeutic radiographer. You will typically need knowledge of the equipment used in radiology diagnosis and treatment as well as patient evaluation and care skills. Additionally, communication skills, analytical ability, and the ability to pay attention to detail are required for this job.



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