How Do I Become a Theology Teacher?

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A theology teacher is a person who teaches students about religions and their influences on cultures throughout history. In order to become a theology teacher, you will first need to decide at what level you would like to teach. The requirements for teaching at the high school level will be different than the requirements for teaching at the college level, and depending on which level you want to teach, you may need to obtain teaching credentials or higher-level degrees to become a theology teacher. It helps to develop a keen interest in religion and religious studies as well.

You will need to earn a college degree in order to become a theology teacher, which means you will need to complete high school as well. While in high school, take part in any religious studies courses if they are offered, and try to excel in history and language courses. Once you graduate, research various colleges and universities that offer theology degrees, and choose the one that suits your educational pursuits as well as your budget. Be prepared to spend four years or more in college if you want to become a theology teacher; if you intend to teach at the college level, a minor in education is a good way to prepare yourself for teaching certification.


It is important to remember that you will need a passion not only for religious studies, but also for teaching if you want to become a theology teacher. Teaching skills are just as important as a knowledge of religion and its applications throughout the world, so if you have not had any teacher training, it may be a good idea to pursue this training before you dive into a teaching position at any level. In order to get a teaching certification in many areas, you will need to take teacher training courses anyway, so this will be good preparation.

If you want to teach at the college level, a more advanced degree such as a master's degree or PhD will usually be necessary. This means you will need to commit more time to your education; a master's degree usually takes two additional years beyond the bachelor's education, while a PhD can take up to five years or more of additional education. Once you finish your education, you will need to apply for jobs within the field; teaching courses while you are working on your master's or PhD is a great way to get the experience potential employers will be looking for.



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