How do I Become a Tennis Instructor?

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A tennis instructor is a person who teaches others how to play tennis. Generally, a person who wants to become a tennis instructor has to be a skilled player himself. He should usually have in-depth knowledge of the sport, including not only strokes and techniques, but also scoring rules. An individual who wants to become a tennis instructor also needs teaching skills to perform well in this job. Additionally, a person who is pursuing this job may also seek certification to not only demonstrate his skills and knowledge, but also to have more job opportunities.

Before setting out to become a tennis instructor, a person may do well to review some tennis job listings posted by companies in his area. By taking a look at these listings beforehand, he can learn the qualifications most employers prefer. In general, most employers want someone who has either tennis teaching experience or an extensive background in tennis as well as strong communication skills. Many also prefer some type of certification, and some may require applicants to submit to a background check.


In most cases, a person who wants to become a tennis instructor has a significant history of playing the game. Many people pursuing a tennis instructor job have spent years practicing and have competed in many matches. The level of experience that is required may depend on where a person wants to teach. A person who wants to teach at a community center, for example, may only need basic tennis experience and knowledge. On the other hand, a person who will be teaching for a professional tennis organization or instructing those who plan to compete will usually need much more experience.

Some people who want to be tennis instructors start out gaining experience as assistant instructors. For example, they may work for tennis organizations, community centers, or even summer camps, assisting experienced, established instructors. This can be helpful for not only gaining experience, but also evaluating different teaching styles and strategies. In this type of job, a person can decide for himself the strategies and techniques he thinks will work best when he’s an instructor.

Since many companies prefer individuals who have earned certification, a person who wants to become a tennis instructor may seek out certification opportunities. Depending on where a person lives, there may be at least a few organizations that certify tennis instructors and coaches. In fact, some of them may offer varying levels of certification for individuals with different amounts of experience and expertise. To secure certification, a person may have to pay a fee, pass an exam, and meet other requirements the organization has established.



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@helene55- I agree for people who want to become professional teachers, serious competitive experience is valuable, especially if you want to teach in a largely populated area with many different teachers. For coaches though, especially of high school level or younger, it probably isn't necessary. I had excellent tennis coaches in high school who had not competed past college level at most.

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My private tennis instructor when I was in high school was a former professional. Only having reached "journeyman" status, he never played the big tournaments; however, he knew a lot about the game and the competitiveness needed at higher levels. I really think that when you are looking for a teacher, the thought of a former pro is really a strong draw; if you want to become a teacher, it would probably be a good idea to at least try playing at a highly competitive level first.

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