How Do I Become a Talent Acquisition Manager?

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Talent acquisition managers are professionals who help companies to select the most skilled employees for enabling the businesses to achieve their long-term goals. These types of professionals must have solid communication and interpersonal skills. If you seek to become a talent acquisition manager, you should complete at least four years of college training and obtain field experience, but additionally completing advanced training will boost your employment opportunities.

An individual who wants to become a talent acquisition manager needs to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree in the area of business or human resources management. Enrollment in this type of training program requires that you submit your most recent standardized test results along with your high school transcript to your desired school. You also should be ready to complete the college’s admissions application and provide proof of having attained your high school diploma or the equivalent certification.

Courses that address how to recruit employees are invaluable in this industry. You need to study human resources classes that cover how to select staff for a worksite after analyzing your company’s needs in this area. Your training program should teach you ways to draw potential employees as well as select the ones that best meet the organization’s standards and then monitor their performance. These skills are necessary to become a talent acquisition manager because this type of professional is responsible for interviewing people, negotiating job offers, and identifying the employment roles that are lacking adequate personnel at a business.


Even if your training program does not make completing an internship a requirement, doing this will make you more attractive to potential employers. You need to use this hands-on experience opportunity to sharpen your skills with taking part in community job fairs, analyzing job candidates’ resumes, and managing a tracking system to organize information about job seekers. Your college then can help you to connect with companies that are looking for an individual who wants to become a talent acquisition manager.

Although a four-year degree is sufficient for some job positions, you also should consider going to graduate school. Some employers prefer professionals who have completed a two-year master’s degree in business administration. This type of program teaches you how to manage recruitment projects effectively and operate in line with a company’s financial budget and goals, which you must do if you wish to become a talent acquisition manager. You also need to be prepared to complete an original research thesis project before you are able to graduate.



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