How Do I Become a Supermarket Manager?

There are a few different ways to become a supermarket manager. In many cases, a few years of experience is enough to become a manager, generally for individuals who have worked a number of different positions in the supermarket, such as a cashier as well as a customer service or supervisory role. Larger stores may want their managers to have business degrees, which may be an associate's or bachelor's degree, depending on the requirements and the individual. A degree in human resources might also be beneficial, though these people will generally work specifically in human resources departments rather than managing supermarkets.

Someone who wants to become a supermarket manager should generally get a job in a supermarket as early as possible. Supermarkets and grocery stores are great places for high school students to start working. There are many entry level jobs, such as cashiers or stock clerks, or even people to bag groceries, that are great places to start when working in a supermarket. Individuals who excel in these positions might receive promotions to higher level jobs, such as working in customer service, and eventually into an hourly supervisory role.


It is important for an individual who wants to become a supermarket manager to give his or her best efforts in any job, whether it is an entry level position or a supervisory job. This will demonstrate to the other managers or store owners that you have what it takes to succeed when presented with additional challenges. It is important to always behave ethically and responsibly, and to arrive at work on time for your scheduled shifts. This will also help to show that you will be able to handle the extra responsibility of a management role.

Another one of the most important things to keep in mind if you want to become a supermarket manager is your ability to work with people. It is important to demonstrate that you are a team player and are able to work successfully with all different types of people. The ability to remain calm and collected in stressful situations is quite important as well, since it will generally be the job of the manager to resolve customer disputes and other difficult situations.

Even if you do not become a supermarket manager at the same location where you gained all your experience, the experience is still valuable and can be added to your professional resume. It is extremely unlikely that a store will ever hire someone in a managerial position who does not have any experience in the industry. Additional education, while not often necessary, certainly cannot hurt either.



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