How Do I Become a Stunt Performer?

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If you think you would enjoy performing movie or television stunts, you may want to consider becoming a stunt performer. The first step is to make sure you are both athletic and good at acting, as well as hard-working and punctual enough to work in film or television. The next step is to get the proper training so your stunt and acting skills are up to par. This could require a few separate acting and gymnastics or fighting courses, or it could be made up of a single class just for stunt performers. Once you have the skills required to become a stunt performer, it is time to look for work, ensuring you are in an area with plenty of film and television jobs.

Some people want to become a stunt performer simply because they assume it will be an exciting job that allows them to be athletic most of the day. While this career demands athleticism, you also need to be disciplined, because you have to be able to perform your stunts on cue. There is often a lot of waiting around on the set until you are needed, but you should be ready to go when you are needed, meaning you need to be both punctual and patient. Additionally, you should be good at acting if you wish to compete in this industry, because many stunt men and women have an interest in acting and an extensive background in television and film.


Having certain personality traits is helpful if you want to become a stunt performer, but you also need to show you have lots of athletic skill. Most successful stunt performers have years of experience in martial arts, gymnastics or other challenging sports, but these skills also need to be kept fresh to be successful. Therefore, even if you have trained extensively in the past, you should enroll in a course to keep your knowledge up-to-date, allowing you to learn new skills to add to your resume. There are stunt schools that teach all the skills necessary for this career, but make sure the one you choose is accredited and has a good reputation.

It is often a good idea to move to an area where there are at least a few television or film studios, because this will reduce the travel time required when you land a job. In most cases, the easiest way to start your career as a stunt performer is to apply to be an extra in movies and television shows, because this allows you to get familiar with movie and TV production while getting some experience to put on your resume. This also gives you a chance to meet the director of stunt choreography, who may choose to use your skills in the background of a scene once you let him or her know about your aspirations to become a stunt performer. Once you garner a good reputation as a stunt performer, your career should be on the rise, provided you continue to work hard and keep your skills updated.



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