How Do I Become a Storage Architect?

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Storage architects are professionals who create and deliver storage systems to companies, which essentially are databases that businesses use to organize and maintain important company data. An individual who desires to become a storage architect needs to finish at least four years of college. Companies, however, often look for aspiring storage architects who have completed two years of graduate school in this industry as well. A storage architect must enjoy working with computers and possess solid problem-solving skills.

A person who wishes to become a storage architect should complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program in computer science. To get into this type of undergraduate degree program, you must submit a copy of your high school diploma or the equivalent certification. In addition, you need to be prepared to provide a copy of results from any standardized tests that you have taken as well as submit your high school transcript. Your school of choice also will provide you with an enrollment application to complete before you begin training to become a storage architect.


While in a computer science training program, you must complete core courses that will introduce you to the artificial intelligence field. For example, you will study technical communication in computer science as well as various programming languages. These are valuable if you want to become a storage architect because architects use computer languages to design effective company databases. Courses on human-computer interaction, designing operating systems, and data structures additionally teach someone who wants to become a storage architect how clients will use various types of computer systems so that he or she develops data storage solutions that best meet customer needs.

An individual who is interested in entering the computer data systems development field also should complete an internship. Internships give individuals hands-on experience with drafting computer software architecture diagrams, creating technical standards for databases, and implementing storage systems that help businesses to achieve their goals. While completing your practical training, you need to hone your analytical skills as well as your written and oral communication skills when working with other computer scientists.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science, aspiring computer storage developers should consider pursuing a master’s degree in the field. Most companies look for job candidates who have a two-year graduate degree in computer science because the storage architecture field is so complex. While in a master’s degree program, you will not only take advanced computer programming courses, but will also be required to complete a thesis research project before you are eligible to graduate.



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