How Do I Become a Steel Fixer?

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You may not need any formal education or training to become a steel fixer, though some companies will require some previous training. If you already work for a construction company, you may be able to work with that company to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a steel fixer, but if you do not already hold a position in a construction company, you may want to consider taking some welding classes or seeking an apprenticeship with a steel fixer. The skills you will need to obtain such a job can be learned on your own, so if you think you are up to the task, research and practice on your own.

Unlike a welder, who may work with many different types of metal, a steel fixer works almost exclusively with steel on job sites. He or she will place steel rebar correctly for structural purposes, such as concrete applications as well as other types of structures. Once in place, the steel will need to be welded together, which means in order to become a steel fixer, you will have to have significant welding experience. If possible, buy or borrow the necessary welding equipment, including a high-quality welder, fire retardant gloves, a welder's mask, and all other tools and safety equipment you will need to start practicing. If you cannot obtain such items, consider approaching an experienced welder to ask about an apprenticeship.


You will need to learn about the different types of welding to become a steel fixer, as well as the other tasks involved in the job. It will help to do some research about the best ways to place steel in different structures, particularly concrete, as a steel fixer very commonly deals with concrete structures on-site. These skills can be learned in a classroom setting as well; check with a local community or technical college to find out if the school offers classes that will help you become a steel fixer.

Once you have the relevant skills to become a steel fixer, you will want to apply for a position with a construction company. That company may or may not hire you as a steel fixer; if they do not, it may be a good idea to take any position you can get so you can work your way up to a steel fixer position. If possible, work with the current steel fixer to learn as much as possible about practical applications in welding and other aspects of the job.



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