How Do I Become a Sports Announcer?

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There are several different paths you can take to become a sports announcer, though most people come to the career from a journalistic angle or as a veteran player of a particular sport. The two main types of sports announcers are play callers and color commentators, each of which can have different job requirements. If you want to become a sports announcer and have not yet attained a post-secondary education, you may want to study for a four-year degree in journalism or broadcasting. You may also choose to attend a vocational school and perform an internship with a local broadcaster. Most sports announcers start out at the bottom, calling lower level games or working in smaller markets, and you will also need to develop a strong working knowledge of the sports you plan to call.

The two main categories of sports announcers are play callers and color commentators. Play-by-play announcers typically report the action of a game as it occurs, so they need to have excellent vocal skills along with a strong knowledge of the particular sport. These sports announcers typically come from a journalistic background, though there are no universal requirements. Color commentators are often ex-players who have an exhaustive knowledge of their sports. These sports announcers are usually expected to provide entertaining and educational commentary that is relevant to the game.

If you want to become a sports announcer, there are a couple of different ways to go about it. You may want to obtain a four-year degree in journalism or broadcasting before you begin your career. This type of education is not always required to become a sports announcer, but it can help make you a more attractive hire. In addition to the four-year degree, you may also want to take voice classes and work on your speaking skills.

It is sometimes also possible to become a sports announcer with a different degree or no four-year degree at all. Many successful sports announcers came to the career after working in education and coaching at the college or high school level, and others had careers as athletes. You can also choose to attend a vocational broadcasting school, which may help you obtain an internship. This type of low-level position may eventually lead to a career in sportscasting if you work at it.

In addition to education and work experience, you will also need to have a real enthusiasm for sports. You may want to study the history of the particular sport you want to announce, and it can also help to practice play calling when you watch games on television. Another way to obtain experience is to volunteer your services. Some high schools and minor league teams have their own announcers on staff, but the ones that do not may provide you with valuable experience.



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