How Do I Become a Software Quality Analyst?

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If you would like to become a software quality analyst, you may need post-secondary education in a related field. Experience working in some aspect of software development may make you a more desirable candidate for employment. Developing strong analytical and communication skills may help you succeed as a software quality analyst. Becoming active in industry organizations may also help you find these positions.

Generally, a bachelor's degree in computer science is needed for software quality analyst careers, although some companies may hire software quality analysts who have an associate's degree. Consider taking several programming languages when taking your computer science classes, as knowing these languages may be a requirement for being hired in some organizations. Math and statistics classes will also help you gain the skills needed for a career as a software quality analyst.

A good understanding of the software development life cycle and the role of the quality analyst within that life cycle may be expected for some software quality analyst positions. Consider taking opportunities to work with quality-related software development tools. Familiarity with such tools may help you become a software quality analyst.

In addition to the excellent analytical skills and aptitude expected for those in this position, having good communications skills will also be helpful. The software quality analyst may need to read and quickly grasp application requirements documents. Duties may include writing reports on technical subjects that can be easily understood by technical and non-technical staff. Other traits that can help you succeed when you become a software quality analyst include attention to detail, problem-solving ability and persistence.

Many organizations also prefer to hire analysts who have solid experience within the field. You can often gain experience by working as an unpaid intern. If you aren’t able to find an internship, you may wish write your own programs and then perform quality assurance tasks on them.

Obtaining software quality analyst training and certification through a reputable organization can also help you develop the skills needed for this role. In addition, pursuing certification may show potential employers that you take initiative and are committed to this field. Industry organizations frequently offer both education and networking opportunities where you may learn of jobs, and so joining such a group may help you become a software quality analyst.

When sending resumes or any communication to prospective employers, ensure your grammar and spelling are correct. People in this role are expected to have strong attention to detail. Any errors may decrease your chances of being hired.


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