How Do I Become a Social Service Coordinator?

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If you want to become a social service coordinator, you should consider receiving both educational and professional training in this field. You should have a high school diploma, or its equivalent, then receive either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a field such as health care, social services, or psychology. There are also certifications in social service coordinating available from professional associations, and you should consider receiving this type of certification as well. You can then become a social service coordinator by finding work in a field such as social services, health care, or welfare in either private or public employment.

A social service coordinator is a person who works for a company or government agency to ensure that appropriate services are provided to those in need. This can include anything from government workers who assist the poor, elderly, and unemployed, to corporate employees who ensure government regulations regarding social services are being met. To become a social service coordinator, you should first ensure you have a sufficient educational background in this type of work. You should receive your high school diploma or general educational development (GED) certification, and then receive a college degree in a related field such as psychology or health care services.


Either an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree can qualify you to become a social service coordinator, though having a bachelor’s degree can make you more competitive in the job market and may allow you to earn more money. You should also consider secondary certification from a professional social service coordinator association in the country in which you wish to work. Such certification may not be required to become a social service coordinator, but it can help you find a job. This is especially helpful when you are first starting out and may not yet have professional experience in your field.

Once you have a strong educational background in social work, then you can begin looking for a position to become a social service coordinator in either the public or private sector. Public positions are typically posted by the state, provincial, or federal government in your area and you should consider employment at any sort of service agency such as Social Security or Welfare in the US. While private positions may be a bit more unusual, there are still opportunities for you to become a social service coordinator in a corporate environment. You can look for a company that requires your services to ensure government standards are upheld, or a health care provider or nonprofit organization in need of a special services coordinator.



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