How Do I Become a Social Security Lawyer?

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To become a Social Security lawyer, you will first need to complete the requirements to become an attorney in your jurisdiction. This typically includes completing a law degree, passing a bar exam, and then being approved by the bar association in your jurisdiction for a license to practice law. After you are licensed to practice law, you may wish to choose to work for a firm that specializes in Social Security law. In some cases, you may also be able to obtain certification in Social Security law from a professional organization that operates in your area.

Most countries require those who practice law to receive a license to do so. The requirements for licensure vary, but in places like the United States, an individual typically needs to complete a multi-year educational program prior to sitting for the bar exam. While you are completing your legal education, you may have the opportunity to work as a legal intern in a law practice that handles Social Security claims. This will give you the opportunity to become familiar with Social Security cases and to decide which aspect of Social Security law most interests you. This type of work background can help you in your quest to become a Social Security lawyer.


After you become licensed to practice law, you should look for work for a lawyer or in a law firm that specializes in Social Security law. If you are unable to find such a job, you may be able to perform volunteer work for a legal aid clinic, as many legal aid clients often receive Social Security benefits. Be sure to network with your law school colleagues and other professionals and let them know that you want to become a Social Security lawyer. They may be able to assist you in finding work in a Social Security legal practice.

Once you get some experience in the area of Social Security law, you can increase your marketability by becoming certified as a Social Security specialist. You can typically do this after you become a Social Security lawyer and have developed some expertise in your field. You will typically need to complete a proctored certification examination prior to receiving your credential, and you may need to renew your certification on a regular basis. By holding certification, you may be able to attract more clients and recognition from your colleagues, thus increasing your reputation and growing your legal practice.



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