How Do I Become a Social Planner?

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To become a social planner, you must have experience with event planning and organizing all the logistics of a large scale event. Social planners are in high demand for a wide range of events, including weddings and charity galas. As someone who wants to become a social planner, you will need to be entrepreneurial and quick thinking. You will also need to make contacts in the service industry who can help you plan events and fill roles. A bachelor's degree is usually not required, but it would be useful if you would like higher paid positions.

The first plan of action for a would-be social planner is to get involved with event planning. Through research, you may find many opportunities in your area for you to plan a party or significant event. You can offer to help plan a friend's wedding, take up the task of organizing a series of community events, or seek opportunities to organize parties and networking events at bars or night clubs. As you involve yourself in these endeavors, you will learn best practices for social planning.


Social planner duties usually include finding and setting the various locations needed for an event. You should have good working relationships with local venues, halls, bars, and clubs. If you have a good relationship with the owners of these establishments, you can pass along drink specials or deals to your clients. Some of these venues may also work with you to provide food and beverages for events so that you do not have to worry about hiring a caterer for your clients.

You may want to become a social planner that works for a specific organization, such as a nursing home. The social planner job description at a nursing home is a bit different from that of a planner who works independently. These professionals are responsible for selecting and organizing the activity schedule for the residents. You will have to keep in mind the health concerns of the residents and the availability of organizations offering activities. The happiness and well being of the residents will be your primary concern, and it is your responsibility to choose activities that correspond to their interests.

A bachelor's degree is not required to become a social planner, but it would look good on your resume and signal to potential employers that you should be considered for more advanced positions. Whatever educational path you choose, be certain to develop a strong sense of attention to detail. Fantastic organizational skills are also necessary.



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