How do I Become a Site Superintendent?

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The amount of academic training that is necessary to become a site superintendent is largely job-specific. While some employers may only require that a person obtain a high school diploma, other employers may only hire candidates who have completed courses at the university level. In addition to a basic academic background, site superintendents must also have design, project management, and planning experience.

Site superintendents are largely responsible for overseeing large building projects. Aside from ensuring quality control, site superintendents must also be able to keep a project on course. When a project lags behind, a site superintendent is often responsible for this type of delay. Various companies hire site professionals including schools, large companies, and construction firms.

A golf superintendent is responsible for overseeing landscaping projects, creating activities for resort guests to enjoy, and assisting homeowners who own houses that are placed on golf courses. These superintendents have many different duties, which is why these professionals must have excellent customer service and organizational skills.

Construction superintendents oversee construction sites by making sure that all aspects of a site are up to code. In this case, a site superintendent is required to work closely with architects and designers. Since construction superintendents are responsible for assisting with building plans, these professionals must have a construction, architectural, engineering, or other technical background.


Superintendent salary expectations vary depending upon the job at hand. However, most superintendents earn a favorable wage that tends to increase over time. A person wishing to become a site superintendent can begin by applying for an entry-level position, or by signing up for an internship program. A student who wishes to become a site superintendent will find that many companies hire students to fulfill part-time seasonal positions. This is often the best way for a younger person to become a site superintendent.

Jobs within this field can be found by searching Internet job boards, speaking with companies directly, or seeking the assistance of a job placement agency. Also, many schools offer specialized programs for those who want to become a site superintendent. While the position of a site superintendent is not a simple one, it is often rewarding.



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