How Do I Become a Senior Web Developer?

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A senior web developer performs various duties to plan, design and maintain websites and usually works with other members of the company's information technology team. He or she will have excellent web programming skills and will usually have previous experience in web design and development. If you want to become a senior web developer, you'll need previous design experience, programming skills and possibly a college degree.

Although some employers don't require a degree for web design positions, it's usually a good idea to earn at least a bachelor's degree if you plan to become a senior web developer. The degree will be helpful for obtaining a promotion in the future, and you'll learn new web developing skills in the process. Typical degrees in the field include majors in information technology, web design, computer science and information systems. Some degrees let you select a concentration in web design and development that includes courses in various programming languages, design theories, usability techniques and training for web development software. Some technical and design schools offer certificate programs in web design that you might also find helpful.


The role of a senior web developer is usually not entry-level and may require previous experience in web design and development. You may need to work a few years in another part of a company's information technology department, perhaps as an entry-level webmaster or web designer, before you become a senior web developer. Some employers also like to see a portfolio of your previous work, so saving your web design projects from college can help provide material for your portfolio. Finding an internship also will help you gain experience that will be of benefit when it comes time to find a job and also could add more items to your portfolio.

Even if you have a degree and some experience, you won't be able to become a senior web developer without the necessary technical skills and talent. Although the web programming languages you need to know vary depending on the complexity of your project, common skills as of 2011 include Perl®, ColdFusion®, Structured Query Language (SQL), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and JavaScript®. For complex projects, you'll likely work with other members of the technology team and will also need excellent communication skills, project management skills and time management skills. If you work directly with your clients, communication will be critical to ensure that both you and your client have the same expectations for projects.



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