How Do I Become a Secretary from Home?

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It can be easier to become a secretary from home if you are already working in an office, because you may be able to persuade your employer to allow you to telecommute. You may want to do some research so you can tell your boss how much money the company could save if you were allowed to work from home. It can be a good idea to prepare a presentation outlining the transition and how you might manage your daily tasks away from the office. If you are not employed in an office, you may want to market yourself as a virtual secretary so you can find work as a freelancer.

There are many financial benefits for both the employer and employee when workers are permitted to telecommute. Before you ask to become a secretary from home, it can be helpful to know what benefits your employer could see if you are permitted to do so. This may include lower utility costs and worker's compensation premiums along with increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. If you are able to find out how much money your employer could save on utilities and insurance, listing these things in your proposal when you are ready to make your presentation can help make it more persuasive.


The thought of allowing you to become a secretary from home could be overwhelming for your boss, so it can be a good idea to have a plan of action in place. Some things your employer may want to know could be the hours you plan to work, whether there are distractions in your home, and how you might accomplish some of your duties. Many at-home secretaries arrange for child care during core working hours, so you may want to consider this if caring for a small child might distract you from your work. It can also be helpful to let your employer know how often you plan to communicate with the office once you begin working in a remote location.

Many professionals work as virtual secretaries, so you may want to consider starting your own virtual assistant firm. That way, you can market your skills to businesses on a temporary or contractual basis. This can help you become a secretary from home if you would like to become self-employed while doing so. An advantage to this method is that you may have greater flexibility over your assignments, so it might be a better choice if you prefer part-time work.



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