How do I Become a Secret Shopper?

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If you have the desire to work a flexible schedule and you enjoy shopping, you may want to consider becoming a secret shopper. To become a secret shopper you need a handful of skills and supplies; however, those are not the most important items to consider. As a prospective mystery shopper you also need to avoid scams, and you need to find a company that has opportunities in your local area.

It can be difficult to find a legitimate job in the field of mystery shopping. Just like other work from home opportunities, there are companies and individuals that prey on people would want to become a secret shopper. These scams often ask for you to give money up front. That is one way to immediately detect a fraudulent company. Legitimate companies will pay you to work; you will not have to pay them. Try searching for positions through industry associations like the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association in order to find a great opportunity in your area.

Before you become a secret shopper it is important to become organized. You will need a home office area available to you at all times. Your home office should include files for organizing your notes, receipts and business cards. Also consider a calendar, either written or digital, to keep all of your shopping appointments in order.


Besides being well-organized, you will need a few tools. These tools include an reliable computer and an internet connection. Both will help you to prepare for deadlines, and get the job done correctly.

After you become organized and obtain the proper tools, it is essential that you gain an understanding about the job. Secret shoppers are usually not company employees, they are independent contractors. These independent contractors are paid per job that is completed. This pay depends on the completion of an online survey or questionnaire.

Once you become a secret shopper, you will quickly get used to filling out online forms and surveys. These questionnaires are focused on monitoring and improving service quality. They also include questions that are meant to ensure consistency in certain chain stores and franchises.

Now you are ready to apply for work. You may want to consider applying to work with various companies that offer opportunities in your area. This will ensure that you are working enough, and you will not have to supplement your income with another type of work.



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