How Do I Become a School Bookkeeper?

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A school bookkeeper handles bookkeeping tasks for an educational institution. In most cases, the preparation you need to become a school bookkeeper won't dramatically differ from what you need to become a bookkeeper for another type of organization. Typically, you will need a high school diploma to qualify for this position, but some employers may prefer you to hold an associate's or bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field. Others might offer you a job when you are still in school working toward your degree or after you have earned a certificate or diploma in bookkeeping. Additionally, you will likely need related skills to become a school bookkeeper, including those that involve paying close attention to detail, filling in forms, performing calculations, and using bookkeeping software.

In most cases, you will need a high school diploma or an equivalent credential to become a school bookkeeper, and this type of credential may help you in few different ways. For example, it can demonstrate to potential employers that you have a basic education and also help you build the math, computer, and communication skills important for this job. Additionally, such a credential may prove essential for admission to a degree, diploma, or certification program.


Some employers may prove willing to hire you as a bookkeeper even if you have not earned a high school diploma. Educational institutions, however, often have higher standards, and prefer to hire job candidates who have college degrees. As such, you may do well to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in accounting or a closely related major to prepare for this job. Some smaller, private schools may also prove willing to hire you if you have earned a diploma or certificate in accounting or bookkeeping.

You will also need certain skills to become a school bookkeeper. For example, potential employers will likely expect you to have calculation, computer, and bookkeeping software skills as well as basic written and verbal communication abilities. You will also need to be detail oriented and capable of working independently. Additionally, an employer might evaluate you based on your projected trustworthiness and your willingness to keep financial information confidential.

When you are first starting out as a bookkeeper, you might lack the experience some employers will prefer. As such, you can look specifically for school employers who are willing to provide training. Additionally, you may find internships and bookkeeper assistant jobs that help you gain experience you can use to become a school bookkeeper.



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