How do I Become a Sales Supervisor?

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Many people who have worked in retail sales want to become a sales supervisor. This type of position offers a higher salary, increased responsibility, and the potential of a career in sales or management. The career advancement opportunities for a sales supervisor include sales manager, district manager, and director of sales. It is important to remember that sales are the lifeblood of any business, and a firm understanding of clients and how to meet their needs is a great way to launch a successful career.

The vast majority of businesses require completion of formal post-secondary education from anyone who wants to become a sales supervisor. The most common program is a college diploma in business or business administration. However, many candidates have a university degree in liberal arts, business, or commerce. The primary purpose of the education requirement is to ensure the candidate can complete a long-term project, has a certain level of communication skills, and is able to work with abstract concepts.


Experience working in a sales environment is critical if you want to become a sales supervisor. This experience can be in a range of different industries or all in one specific industry. For example, many people work in retail sales during high school and college as a part-time job. This experience can be leveraged into a business to business sales position upon graduation or into telephone-based sales. The combination of education and experience will make you an excellent candidate to become a sales supervisor.

People who are successful in this type of work are usually naturally outgoing, enjoy talking to people, and are genuinely interested in the product. Although details are important, client satisfaction and interpersonal skills are more important in this type of role. Creative problem solvers who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service will find the greatest amount of satisfaction in this type of work.

When applying for a position to become a sales supervisor, take the time to clearly indicate how your unique combination of education and experience will meet the current and future needs of the employer. Learn about product offerings, market share, and expansion plans. During the interview, explain how you plan to help the company meet these goals, both in the long and short term. Make eye contact with the interviewer and be sure to answer all questions clearly and completely. Thank the interviewer for his or her time and be sure to follow up with a thank you note.



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