How Do I Become a Sales Executive Recruiter?

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A sales executive recruiter is a professional who searches for sales professionals who meet the hiring requirements of different companies. These sales professionals include sales representatives, sale managers, and account managers. It is important for a sales executive recruiter to establish a set of guidelines for selecting potential candidates in this industry. An individual who wants to follow this career path to complete college training, be self-driven, and have solid verbal communication and presentation skills.

A person who wants to become a sales executive recruiter should complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in a field such as business or sales and marketing. Colleges require applicants to submit their high school diploma or the equivalent certification, as well as an application for admission and a high school transcript. In addition, some schools may also require the submission of certain standardized test scores.

A sales professional training program will introduce you to various strategies used to meet the needs of clients in this industry. You should master classes on advertising and sales management before you can become a sales executive recruiter. In addition, courses such as decision making in marketing will help you understand how clients think and how you can best meet their needs when recruiting sales professionals to work for them. Classes additionally teach you how to create a recruiting campaign that effectively draws people with specific skills sets necessary for certain industry companies.


Completing practical experience in the sales field will help you attract potential employers as well. You should search for an executive search and recruitment organization that will teach you how to hone your recruitment skills and perform cold calling effectively, as well as use the web to find sales job candidates. The internship experience will give you exposure to how to communicate with various types of sales professionals and clients, as well as post ads, screen candidates, and interview these individuals. You then must take time to create a list of superior candidates for client companies and manage an applicant tracking system for future reference.

Consulting your bachelor’s degree institution and internship company officials is an effective way to find an open job position in recruiting. You need to ask career services representatives at your school if they know of any local firms that are looking for a sales executive recruiter. Your internship supervisors also can point you to job openings at other companies, as they often have strong industry connections through constant networking activities.



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