How do I Become a Sales Cashier?

To become a sales cashier, you will mainly need the persistence to look for employment in your area. Generally, there are no specific educational requirements for a cashier position, but every retailer may have different demands. There may be age requirements, although teens and young adults are often encouraged to apply. The main skills needed to be become a sales cashier, are a basic understanding of computers and the ability to deal with potentially rude customers without losing your temper.

Your best bet for finding work as a sales cashier is to go around to various stores in your area and fill out job applications. Stores that often hire cashiers include department, clothing, grocery, and convenience stores. Make sure you dress neatly and modestly as you visit each location, because you never know if you will happen to run into the manager or be asked for an impromptu interview.

Answer questions on your application as honestly as you can. Lying about your work history is not advised, because managers often call former places of employment to get a good idea of your work ethic and skills. If you do not have any work experience, include volunteer work you have done or even babysitting jobs you have held. Anything that will show employers that you are trustworthy and capable may help you become a sales cashier more easily.


As you turn in your applications, ask to speak with the manager of the store or the assistant manger. These are the people who will be responsible for hiring you. If he is busy, don’t pull him away from helping a customer, but if he is available shake his hand and tell him of your desire to become a sales cashier. Should he be hiring at that time, he may offer to meet with you on the spot. Even if this does not happen, however, tell him your name and he will be more likely to remember you as he goes through applications.

If you are called for a job interview, it is important that you make a good impression. Wear casual business attire that is modest and in a neutral color like tan or black. Do not let any body markings like tattoos or piercings show, other than those in your ears. Avoid wearing large jewelry, strong perfume or cologne, and anything else that may appear unprofessional or eye-catching. You will be hired based on your skills and attitude, not on how memorable your appearance is.

You may or may not choose to bring a resume. They are not generally required in order to become a sales cashier, but taking the time to type one and print it out may help you stand out above the rest. It will also allow you to showcase talents and abilities relevant to the job that may have been left out on the application.

Shake hands with the manager and make eye contact. Sales cashiers are expected to be polite, upbeat, and enthusiastic; so showcase your abilities to be these things without going over the top. Be honest when being asked questions, and don’t lie about or exaggerate your skills. If you are asked about your experience doing a particular thing, tell the truth and if you think you came across less than desirable, follow it up with a good quality such as being able to learn new skills quickly. Then, give an example of when you used that skill with favorable results.



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