How do I Become a Regional Marketing Manager?

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There are several different ways to become a regional marketing manager, depending on the industry and the skill set of the candidate. A regional marketing manager typically is responsible for creating and implementing a marketing strategy within a geographic region. These positions are found in most large organizations to help encourage the sale of products and services. Depending on the industry and firm, the region can be part of a state or an entire section of a country.

The first criterion to becoming a regional marketing manager usually is to obtain post-secondary education in marketing. This type of program typically is available from a wide range of community colleges or universities. Business administration, marketing, management, and related programs usually offer courses in marketing and advertising. In addition to undergraduate programs, most schools also have post-graduate certificates in marketing that can be completed part-time.

Work experience required to become a regional marketing manager can be organized into two categories: marketing campaign development and management. A marketing campaign is a complex project that requires significant coordination and effort to implement. The purpose of a marketing campaign typically is to encourage sales of a specific product or service within the region. A combination of creativity, client understanding, and brand management can be essential in this role.


Marketing experience typically is obtained through a range of progressive positions in a sales or marketing department. Working on other campaigns can be the best way to develop the skills necessary to organize your own campaign. As with all business functions, observing someone else is a great way to learn and avoid making mistakes. Pay attention to both the positive and the negative, so that you do not have to make the same mistakes.

Management experience typically is obtained through a supervisory role in marketing or sales. Additional opportunities can be found in project management. Many firms will allow a staff member to manage a small project to evaluate his or her management potential. Take the time to carefully consider the options available to you, and ask for a project in which you have the skills to be successful. Work with as many different people as possible and be sure to deliver the project on time and on budget if you want to become a regional marketing manager.

The career advancement opportunities once you become a regional marketing manager include senior management, director, or even vice-president. Be prepared for long hours, travel, and increased demand for your time in this role. The compensation once you become a regional marketing manager typically is quite high, but so are the demands. It can be important that you have a plan to manage your personal life so that you can be successful in this role.



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