How do I Become a Refrigeration Mechanic?

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Refrigeration mechanics do maintenance and repair of refrigerators, air conditioners, or the ventilation systems in buildings. The work also involves reading blueprints. If you aspire to become a refrigeration mechanic, you generally will need a high school degree and either a community college degree or an apprenticeship.

Taking courses in high school, such as shop, blueprints, physics, mechanical drawing, computer usage, and shop math, is typically recommended if you hope to become a refrigeration mechanic. Also, it would be helpful if you have good reading skills and are able to gain basic knowledge of plumbers' work and electric work in your shop classes. Learning about introductory aspects of installing and repair is also important in your shop classes during the high school years.

If you want to become a refrigeration mechanic, it is typically recommended that you attain an associate's degree where you learn about refrigeration, heating, and cooling in an academic setting. By contrast, some individuals choose to do an apprenticeship, as opposed to attending a formal degree program after high school. These apprenticeship programs are usually at least three years in duration, and they provide a combination of job training and classroom instruction that will enable you to learn repair, installation, and the laws that pertain to refrigeration mechanics' work.


During the process of schooling or apprenticeship and afterward, there will typically be exams you have to take that assess your skills. These tests are entry-level assessments that serve as a means of making certain your skill level is adequate to work as a refrigeration mechanic. Also, if you want to become a refrigeration mechanic, there are several states that require you to attain licensure.

When you complete the schooling or apprenticeship requirements and are ready to seek a job, you will most likely choose a career specialty in either installing or repairing. Also, if you aspire to become a refrigeration mechanic, you will likely choose to focus on either heating or air conditioning systems, but not both. Also, due to the fact that heating or air conditioning systems break down at all times of the day or night, you will most likely work long hours during the week and during the weekend

After working for a few years, you have the option of continuing to work in a repair shop, store, hospital, office building, or government setting. Or you could pursue a related job with a higher level of responsibility and higher pay. For example, you could pursue a career as a refrigeration mechanic supervisor. Other possibilities include becoming a building supervisor for an apartment building or condominium, a cost estimator, or starting your own business as a refrigeration mechanic.



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