How Do I Become a Recruiting Coordinator?

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To become a recruiting coordinator, you will typically need a bachelor's degree, though some employers may prove willing to hire you with less education if you have extensive related experience. In addition, you will likely need strong communication skills as well as experience using computers and word processing, spreadsheet, and database programs. Additionally, employers often prefer to hire job candidates who have good organizational and leadership skills as well as the ability to pay close attention to detail.

The educational requirements you will have to meet to become a recruiting coordinator will likely depend on the employer with whom you apply for a job. Many employers prefer applicants who have bachelor's degrees, but some may prove willing to hire you with less education if you have suitable experience. For example, you might become a recruiting coordinator after earning a high school diploma or completing a couple of years of college if you also have a few years of experience with recruiting or working in a related position. If you have a bachelor's degree, on the other hand, some employers may be willing to hire you with far less experience.

In addition to meeting a prospective employer's educational requirements, you will likely need strong communication skills to qualify for this job. You will typically need good verbal and written communication skills to work well with a team of recruiters as well as hiring managers and sometimes even job candidates. Additionally, these communication skills may come in handy when it comes to dealing with staff members in other positions.

You will also need strong computer skills in order to become a recruiting coordinator. For example, you will probably be expected to operate a computer on your own and be familiar with a number of software programs that are commonly used in recruiting coordinator positions, such as word processing, database, and spreadsheet programs. If you have experience with the software that is most commonly used by businesses in your area, this may prove sufficient. In the event that a company uses special, lesser-known programs in its business, managers may be more willing to train you to use it as long as you understand the basics of similar programs.

Most employers will also expect you to have skills necessary for performing well in the fast-paced environment recruitment coordinators typically face. For example, you will likely need excellent organizational skills as well as the ability to work well under pressure and problem solve. Employers will also expect you to be detail oriented and capable of juggling multiple tasks at once. Leadership skills and coaching abilities are important as well.



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