How Do I Become a Real Estate Developer?

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There are a number of steps that you must take to become a real estate developer, and it can be a gradual process for some. Education is important in this profession, and you should research various job descriptions in order to determine the educational route that you will need to take. This is a highly competitive field, and education, experience, and various personality traits will be extremely important for you to successfully become a real estate developer. Once you have decided to enter this profession, you should begin researching several schools in order to find an extensive real estate development program.

Many universities offer a well-developed program in this field, and you should make sure that it is an accredited school that provides at least a bachelor's degree in a real estate related field. Undergraduate programs require that you complete general coursework before enrolling in advanced field-specific classes. After successful completion of prerequisite coursework, some classes that you may consider taking include real estate development process, market analysis, project design, quantitative tools for real estate development, and real estate laws and ethics. You may not be able to take all available courses in real estate due to other required coursework, but you should consult your college adviser on the courses needed to become a real estate developer.

Most professionals in this field choose to work on their master's degree in real estate development to increase job options, salary, and advancement opportunities. Coursework for this degree is usually a continuation of the bachelor's program at an advanced level. During your education you should apply for internships in your field in order to gain the experience needed to become a real estate developer. This should be done early in your school career to ensure that you have sufficient experience to enter this profession.

Some jurisdictions will require that you have real estate licensing, and you will need to research local requirements before applying to become a real estate developer. Many graduates choose to apply for real estate broker or manager positions in order to gain additional experience and work towards their career goal. This position will also require keen negotiation and interpersonal skills as well as an enhanced knowledge about property values. Location is also extremely important in this profession, and you should research the real estate market in order to decide where you would like to work.


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