How do I Become a Quiltmaker?

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A quiltmaker is an artisan who makes quilts and quilted products as a hobby or commercial enterprise. This skill dates back to ancient times; one of the oldest quilting artifacts is a quilted carpet from the first century CE discovered in Mongolia. Choosing to join this ancient tradition and learning to become a quiltmaker takes patience, practice, and an eye for organization.

In order to become a quiltmaker, it is important to understand what separates quilts from other blankets or similar products. A quilt consists of fabric and padding layered and stitched together to make a single piece. Designs for quilts can be very basic or spectacularly complex, and require knowledge of basic stitching techniques.

One stitch that must be mastered in order to become a quiltmaker is the running or straight stitch, used to make basic seams and join layers of fabric together. A running stitch requires the sewer to insert a threaded needle through the layers of fabric and pull it back up to the top, keeping each stitch even. Good running stitches should be equal in length and form a straight line.


Although hand stitching is useful and often done to achieve fine detail, trying to become a quiltmaker can be made much easier by learning to use a sewing machine. These machines allow the easy production of straight and even stitches in an extremely short time, saving precious hours to spend on detailing and hand-finishing a quilt. Sewing machine classes are often available at fabric supply stores and through community college courses. A basic course in using a sewing machine can go a long way toward helping a novice become a quiltmaker.

Those interested in creating traditional quilts might do well to study the history of quiltmaking around the world. This fascinating topic will likely be interesting to a person trying to become a quiltmaker, and may provide inspiration for future designs. Different eras and cultures have produced a rich variety of quilts, including American log cabin patchworks, Chinese 100 Good Wishes patterns, or colorful Hawaiian patterns.

Quiltmaking is a skill long passed down through generations of artisans, a tradition continued today. Quilting circles were once a hallmark of female society throughout the world, where women could come together to chat, sew, and teach the next generation about the craft of quilting. Choosing to become a quiltmaker gives access to an ancient tradition and society.



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