How Do I Become a Public Relations Executive?

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In order to become a public relations executive, you must first attend college courses and/or training to learn exactly what the field of public relations is. The next step might be to approach the various job counseling centers at the college where one received the degree. Large firms may contact various universities looking for recruits that are eager to become a public relations executive. Another option is a job fair. Colleges often host job fairs, some of which are specific to certain industries. It would also be wise to contact professors in the public relations department who may have contacts within the industry that could place new graduates.

Another option if you want to become a public relations executive is an internship through the college or university you are attending. Public relations firms want to find fresh minds straight out of college, so they typically offer internship programs. Job internships with public relations agencies are a great way to get your foot in the door at a public relations firm, and they can often turn into full-time opportunities. If you find yourself out of college and have exhausted your efforts within the college to find a job, you might simply begin to apply directly to public relations firms. Most firms are not anxious to hire people without experience, so it might behoove you to offer your services for free to a friend or colleague in order to build a small portfolio of work.


As with all higher management positions, to become a public relations executive might require a move. There are a limited number of firms that specialize only in public relations, so since those positions are in higher demand, you might need to consider whether or not you are willing to relocate. If not, you could also approach marketing companies in your area. Marketing companies don’t typically specialize in public relations, but a segment of the company might.

Most people think that a public relations executive must simply be good with people. Actually, a public relations executive must be able to analyze various segments of the public as related to the company he or she represents, and must tailor messages specifically to those segments in a way most beneficial to the company.

The general public is a term used to refer to all publics, but a public relations executive realizes that the general public is subdivided into many different categories: media, customers, employees, etc. To become a public relations executive, one must realize that each of these publics may require a tailored message specific to their group.



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Probably the first and most important quality required is excellent communication skills: writing, editing, speaking and professionalism. Next, it helps to have contacts within the media and know how to get stories published in various outlets. Great computer skills are also a must, since public relations requires all kinds of communication on the Internet now with social media like Twitter and Facebook becoming commonplace requirements.

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what are the qualities needed for PR executive?

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