How do I Become a Public Records Clerk?

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Public records clerks typically do tasks such as record keeping, verifying information, preparing budgets, setting up spreadsheets, data entry, or filing. The job might also entail photocopying, faxing, proofreading, mailing, answering phones, or message delivery. To become a public records clerk, you generally will need a high school education and work experience in an office setting.

In order to become a public records clerk, it is important to get a high school diploma. During high school, you should take as many classes as you can in the business department. This will enable you to get relevant training in basic computer skills and word processing software you will need to pursue a career as a public records clerk.

Also, while a college education is not essential in all cases, it can be helpful to get an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree from a community college if you want to become a public records clerk. You can pursue any major you desire, but it is important to take the skills courses you will need. For example, it can be helpful to take community college-level courses in office procedure, word processing and other computer skills. In addition, getting good grades can be helpful, because a high grade point average (GPA) is something prospective employers will want to see.


During community college, it can also be helpful for you to participate in an office internship if you want to become a public records clerk. The career services department at your community college should be able to help you apply for an internship. Completing an internship in an office setting can be important because an internship can provide you with valuable supervised experience to help supplement your college learning. There are various office settings you could choose. For example, the internship could be in a university office, a corporate office, or a government office.

Generally, it is recommended that you apply for your first office job during the last semester of college. The career services department at your college can usually provide assistance. Also, talking to your college internship supervisor and conducting online job searches may be useful. Keep in mind, however, that your first job title may not be "public records clerk." Rather, you may have to gain experience as a clerk assistant before you have the opportunity to be promoted into a position as a public records clerk.

After a few years working as a public records clerk, you could be eligible to move into other office positions. For instance, some public records clerks become clerk supervisors. Other public records clerks get promoted into positions as receptionists or office assistants who have more responsibility, higher pay, and more career advancement opportunities. Of course, promotion may necessitate going back to school to get a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in an academic major that is relevant to the type of office work being done. Granted, getting a bachelor's degree is not necessary in all cases.



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