How do I Become a Property Agent?

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The steps a person takes to become a property agent depend on the title he will hold. For example, a person may become a real estate agent, assisting with the sale and purchase of real estate, or he may become a rental agent, assisting with the leasing of commercial or residential property. Generally, a person who wants to become a real estate agent needs more education and licensing, while an individual may become a rental property agent without as much preparation.

A person who wants to become a property agent may choose to assist others with the buying and selling of residences and commercial properties. To pursue this line of work, he usually has to become a real estate agent. This typically means graduating high school or earning a General Educational Development (GED) diploma before going on to take real estate courses that provide preparation for pursuing a career as a real estate agent. Real estate courses may vary in length and content but usually prepare an aspiring property agent to take his jurisdiction’s licensing exam. After taking and passing that exam, an individual is licensed to practice as a real estate agent and can sign on to work with a real estate agency.


Some people who want to assist with buying and selling real estate attend college in preparation for careers as property agents. While college isn’t a requirement, earning a degree in a real estate or property-related major can make an aspiring agent a more attractive job candidate. Additionally, building good communication skills and gaining sales experience may help a person to succeed in this job. Organizational skills may prove helpful as well.

An individual who wants to become a real estate agent may seek out and pay for training on his own. In some cases, however, an aspiring agent may find a real estate company willing to hire him and pay for his training. After the training is over, the aspiring agent typically takes his licensing exam and goes to work for the agency that sponsored his training.

A person who wants to become a property agent may choose to pursue a career as a rental or leasing agent instead. In such a case, the agent assists property owners with finding tenants to lease residential or commercial property. Often, a property agent may oversee the upkeep and maintenance of his clients’ properties as well.

To prepare for this career, a person typically completes high school or earns an equivalent diploma. An aspiring agent may take courses in property management or earn a college degree, though this is not always a requirement. Regardless of whether or not post-high-school education is required, an individual in this field typically needs sales ability and good communication and organizational skills. Some jurisdictions also require rental agents to secure real estate agent licensing. After meeting the requirements for his jurisdiction, a person who wants to become a property agent may advertise his services or apply for a job with a real estate or management company.



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