How Do I Become a Professional Shopper?

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To become a professional shopper you primarily need clients, not any particular qualifications. There are several ways in which you can obtain clients, including by working for a larger company and advertising your services. As an independent contractor, it can be helpful to gain an understanding of the types of clients you are likely to encounter, such as elderly people and large businesses. When working for a company that provides this service, the best way to become a professional shopper is simply to apply for a job.

The most important skill you need in order to become a professional shopper is the ability to determine what another person wants. Most people have the ability to find items to buy, but not everyone can decide which items fit an individual best. This involves evaluating a person's tastes, physical considerations, and any other information about their particular situation. In addition, you need to have a good understanding of all the different types of products that are available and the places to find the best deals.


You can become a professional shopper simply by seeking out clients. Keep in mind that you might be hired to shop for parties, corporations, or even individuals, which may involve making purchases from different types of stores. In order to be successful as a shopper, you need to have an efficient and orderly method of working with your clients and allowing them to approve your purchases. Many people find that offering competitive introductory rates helps to draw people into the service who might otherwise not use a personal shopper.

It is also possible to do this kind of shopping solely for a corporation, in which case, the corporation selects your clients for you. This can be a safer way to become a professional shopper, but this type of job can also be more difficult to find. Obtaining work in this way may require references and experience in this field.

There are also companies that hire professional shoppers who are not paid to find and purchase items but to evaluate stores on their quality of their customer service. These professionals are sometimes called mystery shoppers, and this type of work is usually more focused on reporting about shopping rather than making purchases. In order to become a professional shopper of this type, you need good communication skills and the ability to work independently.

One of the biggest problems with becoming a professional shopper is that there are many scams that do not lead to actual employment in this field. You should never have to pay for certification or courses in order to start working as a professional shopper. Investigate any employment opportunities in this field that seem suspect, and if possible, research the group hiring shoppers in order to make sure that the job is legitimate.



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