How do I Become a Professional Administrative Assistant?

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In many offices, the administrative assistant is one of the most important positions in terms of the day to day operation of the business. Handling routine clerical tasks as well as taking on special projects, proofreading outgoing correspondence, and fielding queries from both internal and external sources, a competent administrative assistant knows how to keep things running smoothly.

For anyone interested in administrative assistant jobs, the first task is to secure the proper training. To become a professional administrative assistant in today’s world, you must possess a wide range of talents. Most positions require a strong working knowledge of how to use word processing software at the very least. Often, there is also a need to be trained in the use of database programs as well as spreadsheet and presentation software. Administrative assistant training also includes learning the basics of how to craft letters, handle filing tasks, and general office procedure.

It is often possible to obtain administrative assistant training at a local community college. The core courses will address the essentials of working in any office environment, while the elective classes will provide a broader knowledge of some computer programs that are used throughout the business world today. As you work toward your degree, you will also find that the coursework will hone your spelling and writing abilities, as well as strengthen your verbal communication skills. All of these are essential if you want to become a professional administrative assistant.


After completing your studies, you will begin looking for work. Keep in mind that you will probably have to begin with an entry-level position, then work your way up as other positions become available. Administrative assistant careers are rarely begun with a position as the right hand of the president of the company. If you want to become a professional administrative assistant, be prepared to get into the company first, do a great job, and be alert to any opportunities for advancement that may appear.

Keep in mind that even after you become a professional administrative assistant, the financial rewards may take some time to appear. However, each step forward is likely to produce a higher income, and provide invaluable experience that will either take you further in the company, or make you very attractive to other prospective employers. Always continue your education, especially in terms of technological advances in software that can be used in the office. Doing so will go a long way toward keeping you one step ahead of others who are competing for the best administrative assistant positions.



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