How do I Become a Production Assistant?

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Many careers have a clear-cut path a person must follow in order to secure a job. For example, a scientist usually goes to college to earn a degree and then sends resumes to companies that hire scientists. There are no definite educational requirements for a person who wants to become a production assistant, however. Instead, an aspiring production assistant typically focuses on learning about the film and TV industry and finding ways of gaining the notice of those in a position to hire him.

It's important for a person who wants to become a production assistant to understand that much of his job will be fetching things and handling menial tasks for others. Production assistants are generally asked to do things such as running errands and getting meals and coffee for other staff members. They may do everything from making copies of scripts to providing transportation for crew members. Though not technical, this job can be stressful, as anyone on a set may give a production assistant tasks to perform.


An individual who wants to become a production assistant typically needs at least some knowledge of the industry, whether he is hoping to get projects in film or television. He should learn the different roles others will play on the set as well as production terminology. He may learn this by taking related courses, enrolling in workshops or boot camps, or even by reading books. A person interested in this field may attend college, seeking a film or similar degree. This isn’t normally required, however.

A person who wants to become a production assistant should work on developing his communication skills, remembering to speak clearly and listen well. He’ll also need to pay close attention to detail and have excellent organizational skills. An individual interested in this job should also maintain a willingness to learn on every set. If he pays attention and learns all that he can, he may secure more opportunities and greater responsibility. Eventually, he may move up to another job altogether.

To find a job in this field, an individual may search help-wanted ads and freelance listings, also calling production companies to offer his services. Networking may help as well. If an aspiring production assistant can learn who is active in the industry and discover when these people will be present at local events, he may attend and have an opportunity to talk with them. He may also join industry-related organizations for the opportunity to network. Eventually, such contacts may lead to a job.



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