How Do I Become a Process Agent?

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A process agent is the person who serves court paperwork and documents to the defendants in a court case, or the individuals that are being subpoenaed to court as witnesses to provide testimony and evidence in a legal court case. Each state has its own laws and regulations to become a process agent, so your first step is to find out what your state requires, so that you can follow its requirements to embark on your new career.

Professional organizations, such as the Nationwide Process Servers Association, are a good source of information on what each state requires. You can also contact the business licensing office of the county where you intend to work, as well as the Secretary of State office for your state. All of these organizations will let you know if your state requires you to obtain a license in order to become a process agent.


You do not need to have any type of special education or even carry a college degree to become a process agent. The best way to learn the laws, regulations, ins and outs of the job is on-the-job experience. Contact some of the process server agencies and firms in your area and let them know that you are interested in learning how to become a process agent. The company may hire you as an employee and train you, or they may hire you as an intern or apprentice, where you have the opportunity to learn how to perform the duties of a process agent.

You can also turn to professional organizations for courses on the laws and regulations that pertain to the state you will be working as a process agent. For example, some states have time requirements, so you can only serve court documents to a residence between those hours. The courses may also teach you techniques to increase your chances of serving the person in a legal manner.

Some states require you obtain a certification to become a process agent. Even if your state does not require you to earn a certification to become a process agent, it can be beneficial to your career to do so. Being certified can set you apart from other process agents, which can help you land a job with a company over un-certified process agents. If you decide to open your own process server business, a certification benefits you because it lends credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your current and potential clients.



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