How Do I Become a Printer Technician?

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A printer technician is a trained professional who can diagnose and repair various types of printers, as well as handle printing jobs for companies or individuals. In order to become a printer technician, you will first need to complete a high school education or equivalent qualification. You may need to earn a professional certificate or even an associate's degree if you want to become a printer technician for most companies, though it is often possible to get a job in this field after earning a high school diploma if you take part in job training.

Research various companies in your area that will offer training for you to become a printer technician if you do not want to earn a college degree. You will probably end up taking an entry-level position and then working your way up over time by taking part in job training, so be prepared for a commitment of both time and energy. You will need to show your employers that you are reliable, energetic, and able to handle complex tasks; they will recognize your assets and will give you the training necessary to become a printer technician if you work hard and make your intentions known.


If you choose to attend school in order to become a printer technician, your best bet is to earn a professional certificate or an associate's degree in a field such as business, technology, or computer science. These subject areas will relate generally to the printer technician profession; you may also choose to earn a professional certificate in various technical skills such as electronics. Be sure to take a look at some job openings and the qualifications presented on those job listings so you can get a good idea as to what qualifications employers are looking for. If you want to work for a particular company, it is a good idea to either view job listings from that company, or to contact the company directly to find out what qualifications they seek out in job candidates.

Of course, one of the best ways to become a printer technician is to begin working on printers. You can do this by inquiring about an internship or apprenticeship with a repair company, a printer manufacturer, or other business that deals with printer technical support. An internship is likely to be unpaid, but you will learn valuable skills that will make you more marketable as a job candidate. Apprenticeships often pay a lower wage than full-time techs make, but you will be able to learn valuable skills.



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