How Do I Become a Primary School Tutor?

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There are a few different ways to become a primary school tutor, but before you commit to any path that will help you do so, you need to ensure you are passionate about working with children of primary school age, and you also need to decide what subjects you can feasibly teach. You will need to graduate high school in order to become a primary school tutor, and it is highly likely that you will need to hold some sort of college degree as well. While not required, it is usually a good idea to secure teaching credentials as well.

If you choose to become a primary school tutor who is employed by a specific school, you will need to research the specific qualifications outlined by that school. These qualifications will not be as stringent as the qualifications to become a teacher, but you will still need to have some expertise in a specific field of study. If you work in the school system, it is also likely that you will need to get a fingerprint clearance card, and you may need to have some sort of teaching credentials, even if it is a substitute teacher certificate.


If you intend to work as a freelancer, you will still need to meet many of the same requirements if you want to become a primary school tutor. A fingerprint clearance card may not be required, but it is certainly a good idea to have one from a legal standpoint. You will need to develop a pricing structure, and you will need to figure out a way to effectively advertise your services. It is generally a good idea to establish contacts at local schools so teachers or administrators can recommend your services to parents.

Having a college degree in a specific subject or field is important, but it will also be important to learn how to create effective tutoring techniques for the primary school age group. If you want to become a primary school tutor, it is a good idea to take some education classes that are tailored toward the age group you intend to work with. This will give you a basis for creating effective tutoring plans and recognizing various learning issues. You will learn how to deal with these issues effectively and ensuring improvement in the student's work. It helps to be comfortable working with children as well, since doing so can be exhausting and difficult, even as it is rewarding.



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