How Do I Become a Port Engineer?

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This profession is directly involved with the mechanical components of ships and in order to become a port engineer, you may be required to obtain a bachelor's degree in marine engineering. There are many different aspects involved in this profession and you will need to be knowledgeable about environmental factors and ship technology. Port engineering is usually considered a sub-field of marine engineering. Courses taken in preparation for becoming a port engineer will be extremely focused on marine mechanics, which makes this a somewhat narrow field.

Some universities may not offer a specific degree program in marine or coastal engineering and you may need to search for schools that have a well-rounded engineering department. Some of the courses you will be required to complete may include fluid dynamics, ocean structures, underwater systems, and naval architecture. Most marine engineering courses are accompanied by laboratory work and due to the extensive coursework in these programs, a degree in this field may take at least five years to complete. Laboratory work in the various courses will allow you to participate in projects in different areas of the field.


Your engineering professors may be able to suggest additional training experiences that are available in your intended profession. Experience will be extremely important if you plan to become a port engineer and you should participate in several training opportunities throughout the field. Internships are usually able to provide you with professional insight and can be a good stepping stone for hands-on training. Throughout your college career, you should be able to observe many areas of this profession which can help you to determine a specific career path.

Designing and developing machinery is a large portion of this career and you will need to be extremely creative to become a port engineer. Computer skills are also important because you may be required to analyze and enter data through various types of engineering software. Physical attributes that may help you become a port engineer may include good eye-hand coordination, excellent vision, and physical strength. This profession offers a relatively high paying salary and with additional training and degrees this career may offer numerous advancement opportunities.



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