How Do I Become a PHP Coder?

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To become a PHP coder, you will need to learn how to write PHP through the various methods available. Prove your knowledge to clients by getting certified with a trusted certification company. Apply to jobs at companies that are looking for PHP coders, and be sure to detail your experience and past accomplishments and offer a sample. PHP coders sometimes have more flexibility over their schedules than people in other professions; for example, some coders work from home, never or rarely setting foot in a company's office.

Anyone can become a PHP coder with enough persistence and the right learning tools. Choose between free tutorials and PHP courses at your local university. Some people operate best in a course that has a teacher and weekly assignments to keep them on track. Others have an inflexible schedule and find the thousands of free online tutorials more than good enough. Whatever your choice, make sure that you are working with the most up-to-date websites or books.


Some employers rely on certifications to judge a person’s abilities. Find out what certifications are valued in your area by asking friends or acquaintances who currently work in the same field. You can also directly ask an employer or two, though it is not necessary to be interested in working at that specific place of employment. When in doubt, join a PHP coder community, such as a forum or meet-up group, to ask even more questions and get information about what these people feel is important in the coding field.

The next step to become a PHP coder is to apply for jobs. It is normal for interested employers to ask for a sample of your work, but these samples should never be given out for free. Imagine a professional painting contractor attempting to demonstrate his or her expertise; he or she likely would not paint a wall of someone’s home for free as a demo. Likewise, you should not code games or websites for other people without compensation. Most employers and PHP coders sign a contract detailing compensation, work hours and other aspects of the job, even when long-term employment of the PHP coder is not certain.

To become a PHP coder, think about what type of job is best for you. Some people apply solely for jobs that allow them to work from home. Other people are happiest when they work in an office surrounded by people who have similar interests or duties. Sometimes you can even start a job working primarily at the physical site but eventually work at home more and more.



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