How Do I Become a Photographer Trainee?

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Those wishing to become a photographer trainee usually have a strong background in photography as well as a portfolio that demonstrates your work and eye for capturing images. You typically need to have an educational foundation in photography, such as a degree from a college or art school. Professional experience may be required in some situations, even to become a trainee, if the environment in which you will work is unusual or in high demand among professionals. One of the most important things you need to become a photographer trainee is a strong portfolio that you can use to demonstrate your abilities and showcase your work.

Your education is a fundamental component of ensuring that you are qualified to become a photographer trainee. Consider a college or university that offers a program in photography, as this ensures that you receive a strong education with a breadth of knowledge in subjects like business and communications. Art school can also be an excellent place for you to receive the education you need to become a photographer trainee. These schools can offer similar programs and degrees as those found at colleges, but the focus on photography may be stronger and provide you with greater overall exposure to various artistic concepts.


Though this is commonly an entry level position, you may need to have some professional experience to become a photographer trainee. For some positions, such as a criminal or medical photographer, trainees are expected to have some experience working in photography. There may also be certain unusual situations in which you are expected to already have professional experience working with different subjects before you can become a photographer trainee. Major studios, for example, may require that you have experience before you can become a trainee. Similarly, large vacation resorts and cruise ships may also require that you have worked in the industry before training.

In addition to your educational background and professional experience, a strong portfolio is one of the most important requirements for you to become a photographer trainee. Your portfolio needs to demonstrate your abilities as a photographer in general, and highlight any skills or abilities that are applicable to a job you are pursuing. If you want to become a photographer trainee for a law enforcement agency, for example, then your portfolio needs to show off how well you can capture a clean, precise image with a camera. Use your portfolio as an advertisement for yourself and a means by which you can showcase your talent and vision as a photographer.



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